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Deer Surveys, Predator Control, Prairie Chicken Surveys, Crop Pollination, Cattle Gathering and Game Capture.

Lubbock and Breckenridge, Texas

Deer Surveys & Managed Land Deer Permits

The objective of an aerial survey is to gather broad based data to aid in resource allocation…

Predator Control

The helicopter is simply a tool for breaking down and pressuring out large concentrated groups in small areas. Once the groups are broken, it is usually easier to trap the smaller and dispersed groups

Robinson R44

SCR Helicopters LLC has done away with the diminutive Robinson R22 and switched to the Robinson R44. In order to maintain pricing competition with the R22, we’re basing our pricing on a per seat basis to allow customers the efficiency and safety of an R44 at R22 rates.


The base rate is $375/hr.  This rate is for a pilot and a single passenger for aerial surveys.  Additional costs are associated with additional passengers and activities.

Prickly Pear Ranch LLC

Land and Wildlife Management

Prickly Pear Ranch: Stock & Crop

Native Whitetail, Exotic Animals & Sunflower Seed

Prickly Pear Ranch: Helicopter Use

The helicopter, when deployed correctly, can be a highly expedient and efficient tool in ranch management.


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