Helicopters Effectiveness on A Feral Hog Eradication Program:

The helicopter is simply a tool for breaking down and pressuring out large concentrated groups in small areas. Once the groups are broken, it is usually easier to trap the smaller and dispersed groups. Helicopters are not a substitute for ground trapping. Both methods should be used in conjunction to reduce the overall numbers in the area. The helicopter simply has the affect of being able to eradicate a large number of feral hogs in a short period of time.

It is cost effective when the animals are quickly found and a proficient gunner is able to cull the herd before they disperse. There is an immense amount of work and preparation before hiring a helicopter to reduce feral hog numbers. Landowners should be accurately monitoring the animals and their patterns.

Important Disclaimer:

SCR Helicopters LLC offers Predator Control solely for the purposes of eradicating destructive and problematic animals. The company does not offer services to outfitters or entities seeking hunting opportunities from a helicopter.  Despite the changes enacted by the Texas State Legislature under HB 716, SCR Helicopters abides by the parameters set forth in The Federal Airborne Hunting Act (16 USC 742j1). 

SCR Helicopters LLC absolutely will not engage in any type of recreational hunting.

Stay Ahead, Or Suffer The Consequences:

The ascertained consequences of not taking initiative can be severe as indicated by the images of land damage below.

Things to Consider:

  • Are they moving in the morning, evening or night?
  • What phase is the moon relative to their movement?
  • What are the animals doing? Are they grubbing in brush or fields?
  • Do they actually live on my acreage or are they coming from the neighbors?
  • Am I consistently seeing the same group of animals in the same place at about the same time?


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