SCR Helicopters has a pool of lightweight & efficient gunners

Countless people have espoused how well they could shoot, few have delivered. It is not to say their skills are poor; however, they lack the speed and aggression as necessary for effective aerial shooting. Assuming no prior aerial shooting experience and referring to a competitive level, the standards of USPAS/IPSC are a credible benchmark. A gunner, at a minimum, should be able to shoot A Class or better.

Why does it matter?

You only get the first chance once! Ineffective shooting leads to a high loss rate on animals (the number that escapes), which makes them more difficult to locate in the future. In turn, removal costs for the landowner are escalating every time an animal escapes.

I still want to shoot!

Everything is relative; an ineffective gunner can get results in open country such as fields, desert or grasslands, as there is a great deal of time and limited cover options. Place the same individual in thick mesquite, cedars or tall trees the results are disastrous.

It is advisable to let SCR provide the gunner for serious aerial operations.


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