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The Robinson R44 Raven I

Information to Consider

If you are considering the helicopter for aerial control of feral hogs, please read the Predator Control page in its entirety.

The Rates page is provided for general estimating and hourly costs. Please, read the Rates page to get a better idea as to the number of hours it may take to cover your property.

Robinson R44 vs R22

Four place vs two place.  The Raven I has additional legroom and head room, higher horsepower engine, higher gross weight, ability to legally carry heavier passengers and the added safety of a high inertia rotor system.

Raven I vs II

There are two variations of the Robinson R44: The Raven I & The Raven II.

The R44 Raven I is the simplest version of the R44.  It utilizes carbureted fuel delivery, a 12 volt electrical system with minimum avionics and is not factory equipped with air conditioner. 

The R44 Raven II is equipped with a fuel injected motor, 24 volt electrical and factory equipped air conditioner.  Furthermore, the aircraft is typically equipped with more advanced avionics.

The added cost per hour of additional equipment and luxuries of Raven II are not applicable for Aerial management Operations.  The use of air conditioning in “doors off” operations is not practical. The added avionics are pointless. The Fuel Injected motor burns fuel at excessive rates, even in “low and slow” operations.

In summary, The Raven I can be thought of as a “work truck”, while The Raven II represents a “luxury vehicle”.



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